Get a New Life, Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush,

Yeah! True it’s an addictive game which always asks for life. Buy life, get life, and beg life from friends but this blog is about how I got one true life because of candy crush.



It’s about 2 months ago when my office colleague told me that she is playing a game name Candy Crush and she accepts that it is an addictive game. So I downloaded that game in my mobile and start playing with it. From the day one I was addicted to that game, I wanted to play more and more but after some failures I lost my life and I had to wait for hours to get new life.

So I found a cheat I set my mobile time on manual and change the date of my mobile and run that candy crush game and voila! I got new life. From that day I was purely addicted to that game. I saw myself into the game day and night, in office, at home, while eating or whenever I got time. I was  living like a zombie. My mom used to scold me when I was playing this candy crush game because I never reply her properly and do not show any interest what so ever she was saying.

After a month, I was having dinner but still playing that game. I reached to level 108 in within one month now I was trying to reach on 109 my mom was saying something but I was busy in that game so I ignored her then suddenly something happened, a hard slap on my face and now I can clearly listen to my mom. My mom was so angry because I was busy in that game and not having food properly.

I haven’t looked at my mum face I was still looking in my phone and candy crush was asking for new life so I just quit the game and uninstall that game.

Now I have a life a real life since then I haven’t played that game or any other similar game like that.




Convert An Electric Car into Power House

The idea is to “Transform an Electric Car in a Power House”, to increase running average of an Electric Car


I am taking an example of Mahindra E2GO Car. This car is pure electric car not hybrid one, the major problem with electric cars are they are not meant for long journeys. E2GO have 100 km average on full recharge but what after 100 km?


Usually Battery’s take almost 10-12 hours for full recharge, after that they will able to provide full average. But in India we are already suffering from power outage problem. We don’t have enough recharging station, and what if I am travelling in an electric car and stuck in a village area where electricity is like needle in hair stack?


So what am I supposed to do in that situation? Wait for help or wait for electricity. So one idea stuck to my mind just install some add-on in an electric car Like Solar Cell Panel, electricity from breaking system (energy to electricity). Recharge car battery while traveling.


Solar Panel:

Add Polar Panels on the roof of car or make windows like Solar Panel we can add recharging functionality in our car when our car is not in use.

In India, we usually park our car in open parking or outside of our house under the sunlight. So if we
add solar panels on roof top of car we can recharge car when we are not using it.

And also this feature can help us when we are on long drive because in India lots of villages & highway areas don’t know what electricity is.


For Eg:

My Electric Car Average


Way From to

From Delhi to Jaipur




What Will I Do after 100 km? if there is any charging point then it
is well and good but if not then?

PIT Stop

1 or 2hours (for rest and lunch or breakfast)

Recharge via



Dynamic Break:

Generate electricity while applying breaks

I am living in Delhi, I  used to commute to office by my bike, distance is only 25km but seriously I don’t know how much time I have to apply emergency break because of some idiot drivers.

So we can also implant Dynamic Breaks in car which can generate electricity while applying break. Some electric train companies use this dynamic break technology in trains to generate electricity.



Backup Batteries:

                As there is no solution of RESERVE POWER in E2O, We can add a Reserve Battery back in it; this will provide extra mile when we really need it and here we can do one more add on which is possible too.

Two Battery Pack

Two Battery Back in E2O

We can install 2 battery pack in one car this will increase
load on car but we can improve car performance with it.


When Car is on Car will use one battery pack at a time other
one will acts as a backup.

all will be control with a Micro Computer which will take care and keep
record of battery health and status and shift to 2nd battery pack
when 1st one power drop to 95%.


One pack will recharge while other one in use



Koptech Consultant The IT Infrastructure Consultant



Koptech Consultant Provide IT INFRASTRUCTURE CONSULTING & IMPLEMENTATION as per business, infrastructure & budget. Budgets are major issues for companies so they don’t want to spend much on IT Infrastructure but IT Infrastructure is beam of every company. Koptech Consultant provide better & effective solutions for those companies so that they can survive in today’s competitive market.

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A good IT Infrastructure is essential to the success of your business. In today’s business environment, not maximizing the return on your technology investments puts you at a disadvantage with your competitors.  Koptech Consultant has extensive experience in IT Consulting, Services & Solutions. Ours skills are based on years of practical knowledge & experience in IT Industry not limited to old theoretical approach. We provide a complete range of tailored solutions according to your business and help you to plan, implement and manage your IT systems.
#koptech_Consultant, team of IT professionals providing an adroit, sturdy and personalized service for your business. KopTech Consultant provides a range of Technology related services including Network infrastructure implement / upgrades, Technology project management and implementation, Business CRM software solutions.



Humanity at Stake

As the time flies by, I am beginning to realize that the trust that had once been lost, have finally found a way in my life in the form of animals.


As I am trying to understand humans my Love, Respect and trust on my dog has increased day by day IMG_20130516_220646 IMG_20131020_210909


Managing specialized career options

For Management Education in India, GLA University leads the way for two-tier and three-tier cities

It has been frequently observed that during a recession the demand for B-Schools is always on the rise. In India its self the increase in number of application is 24% of the 683 management programmes across 42 countries. It is also common knowledge that the demand for graduate business and management education around the world shows signs of renewed growth, as 51% of programs surveyed by the Graduate Management Admission Council, (GMAC) report more applications than in 2011 and 2012.

“Worldwide, these diverse graduate management programs are drawing different kinds of students. Technology is a part of the solution to this challenge, but it is not the entire solution. Flexibility in delivery mode, cadence of the program and the characteristics of the class cohort are now all variables in the graduate education solutions being offered. The message students and companies are sending is clear; one size does not necessarily fit all,” say Dave Wilson of GMAC.

In the face of this increased demand with an emphasis on ethics and specialized needs in B-School education, GLA bridges an important gap in two tier and three tier cities educational facilities, also providing opportunities to neighboring towns besides its indigenous population.   

Institute-wise courses offered at GLA are the Undergraduate Programmes, Postgraduate Programmes and Doctoral Programmes. The Undergraduate Programmes offer a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com-Hons.). Under the postgraduate programmes are the Master of Business Administration (MBA) and the Executive MBA. The doctoral programmes include the Ph D in Management (Full Time) and Ph D in Management (Part Time).

GLA is named after the Late Shri Ganeshi Lal Agrawal, father of the founder and president of the society Shri Narayan Das Agrawal. GLA was established in 1998 under the guidance of the Agarwals. It is an initiative to fulfill its responsibility of providing destinations of quality professional education and bridging the employability gap for students and employers. 

The Undergraduate B.B.A emphasizes on learning fundamentals of management in an easy and accessible way. In keeping with the times the course develops ethics, social responsibility and confidence amongst its students. It imparts education in a variety of aspects of management at the undergraduate level. This is done through Co-curricular Activities and learner friendly tools like Management Games. The course boasts of unique specializations like Entrepreneurship & Family Business and Banking and Insurance which helps students in preparing better for challenges ahead. Students of this course have found placement in many leading business school like Cardiff University.

Homing in on the challenges of the dynamic uncertainties and complexities that characterize the work of managers and organizational leaders, the MBA programme specializes in knowledge, skills and attitude along with multi-tasking ability in order to understand and analyze complex business situations. The MBA programme of GLA University, nurtures leaders capable of making a difference in the corporate and service sectors to achieve this goal. The doctorate programmes offer full-time and part-time options.

The layered and specialized courses available at GLA are in step with the times and an important provider of options for the increasing demand of Business Schools across the country.  


Hide Photos, Videos & Documents In Android

Hide your Videos & Photos in Android Phone without using any software by a simple trick

Follow These Steps:

1.     Open File Manager / Explorer or Connect mobile with Computer CREATE FOLDER


2.     Name that folder of your choice eg: HIDE


3.     Cut Paste Images or videos in that folder.

4.     Now rename that folder JUST ADD (.) a DOT in before folder name without any space. Eg: .HIDE


5.     Now whichever image or video you copy in that folder won’t show in GALLERY.

6.     Folder won’t list in File Manager too, to see folder click on Options and select SHOW HIDDEN FOLDER