Windows 7 Shortcut Commands

Windows 7




Win +Spacebar

Make Window Transparent

Press Win key along with space bar it will make all window transparent

Key Up/Down

Minimize Maximize

Minimize & Maximize Active Window

Key Left/Right

Re-size Window Left or Right

Re size the Current Active Window to Left or Right

Win+1 to 9

To Open Pinned Program

Press Win key along with numeric 1 to 9, To run Pinned Task Bar Items

Shift+Win+1 to 9

To Open Another Intense of Pinned Program

Press Win key along with numeric 1 to 9, To run another instance of Pinned Task Bar Items

Win+1 to 9

Switch Between open Windows

Press Win key along with numeric 1 to 9, To switch between open windows if no pinned program is there

Alt+Win+1 to 9

Open list of Pinned Program

Open a small window which contain list of pinned program

Win+F / Ctrl+F

Search Window

Open the search Menu


Minimize All

Minimize All Active Window & show Desktop


Scroll Taskbar Items

Focus to Task Bar Then Scroll Through Taskbar Items with Arrow Keys


Scroll System tray Items

Focus to System tray, Browse Items of system tray


Create New Folder

To Create New Folder


Select UP Folder Level in Windows Explorer

Key combination automatically select the main folder of folder group



Logout from Current User


Windows Explorer

Open Windows explorer


Projection Display

Open Option for Projector Display


Run Menu

Open Run Menu Window


Quit / Close

Close or Quit Active window


Task Manager

Open Task Manager Window

Win+ [ + / -]

Open Magnifier

Open & Run Magnifier Option

Shift+ left Click

Open Another Intense

Key & mouse combination on running program, open another instance of program. Eg: New window of IE

Shift+Right Click

On File Addition Option in Send To Menu

Key combination on file will open Extra addition option in send to menu

Shift+Right Click

On Grouped Taskbar Items Open Menu

Show Menu For
Grouped task bar Items

Shift+Right Click

On Folder Add Command Prompt Option

Key combination will add command prompt option for folder u can directly add folder to command prompt

Shift+Right Click

On Empty Space Add Command Prompt Here Option

On Desktop or in any drive key combination add menu of add command prompt here

Shake Window

Minimize Maximize all other window

Minimize & Maximize other window except  Active Window

Drag to Left or right

Adjust window in half screen

Drag To Left or Right Adjust Active window in half screen

Drag to Top

maximize Active Window

Drag adjusted window to top to maximize it



Select File & folder press F2 to rename It


Delete File Directly

Key  combination will delete file no file will left in recycle bin


Direct to Navigation Bar

F4 in Explorer will redirect to Navigation Bar



Refresh Desktop or Window

Shift+Up /Down Key

Select Files or Text

Key Combination will help in selection of Rows

Page Up / Down, Home / End

Selection of Starting or End in Explorer

Will Navigate to start or end folder in explorer


Capture Snapshot of Current Active window

Capture Snapshot of Current Active Window Copy Past it to PAINT


Take snapshot of Desktop

Take Snapshot of Whole desktop Copy Past it to PAINT