Is Your Pendrive Soaked In Soapy Water ????


What to do when you forget your pen drive in the pocket of your jeans and unfortunately your mom washes that and it gets soaked in

“Soapy Water……”

 Don’t worry nothing will happen to your pen drive until you connect it with any USB Port.

Pen Drive contains Circuit board which gets activated only when it is connected.  Water does not affect it (as it is a good conductor of electricity) but if Pen Drive is wet and you connect it to the USB Port it can prove harmful not only for the Pen Drive (as it can destroy its functions) but will also damage your system.

Same thing has happened to me several times and the following steps has always come handy I religiously follow this steps and it has saved me every time.

Most of the companies won’t offer warranty in the  water logging case, but  if your Pen Drive Company is offering you that option then  it is better to claim warranty and  if you can’t do that in any case then follow these steps and you can get your pen drive back in the working condition.


  • ·       Firstly clean the Pen Drive with fresh water {please do not use Hard Water as it changes into carbon and will damage the circuit}, then shake the Pen Drive to remove excess water but still you can see some water droplets on  it.

  • ·       Try to open the Pen Drive Case use very little force while opening it or you can even take the help of screwdriver but don’t use force as this can harm the plastic shell of Pen Drive.

Dis- Assembling The Pen Drive 1

  • ·       After opening the case, check if there are any particles of soap or detergent left or not on the Chip {Pen Drive Board}, if any particle is there then clean it with Fresh water {not with hard water} as it can be problematic .

  • ·       After cleaning with water, use cotton cloth very softly and clean the remaining water particles on the board & the shell of Pen Drive but don’t ever use Hair Dryer as it  can damage Chip {USB Board} because they are heat sensitive.

 Cleaning With Cotten Cloath

  • ·       Then, leave all the parts open for at least 1 hour in the room temperature  {Not in front of AC or Air Cooler} so that Moisture gets dried ,because little moisture still remains on it even after cleaning it with the cotton cloth.

 Leave it on room temperature

  • ·       After One hour, assemble all the parts and check Pen Drive

  • ·       Pen Drives whose casings are not removable   don’t worry in that case, you can simply shake it and leave it for 3-4 hours on room temperature.  {No AC No Cooler}.