All about German Shepherd

  German Shepherd: They may look like “Wolf” or people have named them “killer dogs” for their aggression but don’t let it frown your face as they are one of the most registered breeds (for their loyal and protective nature) and are used in Army and
purposes all over the world for their intelligence, strength and speed, and they have a keen sense of smell too

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The best quality of this breed is that they are one of the best Guard Dogs available till date. They don’t need any sort of training for it as they are born with this trait. People who
own this breed should know that they have chosen the best Guard for them and should not worry about their safety or robberies at all

Some people have this notion that they are dangerous and harmful for children & society but it is not true indeed, and I am writing this topic only for this kind of people (and
anyone who is interested)

I am a proud owner of a Female German Shepherd and we call her “Jenny”.

She always takes care of my 3 year old niece and no stranger can dare to touch her in Jenny’s presence. Let me recount you one incident.

One day, a man who was drunk was passing by the street in front of our home and he started abusing everyone and anyone who came in his way, in his loud voice. On that day, My mom was also standing outside and was talking to our neighbor, {we never leash her in home
and she is free to sit anywhere according to her desire} Suddenly that drunkard
came near my mom,( that time our main gate was little open) , without wasting a single second Jenny, my love ran towards the main door & attacked him, everyone was amazed by this act and kept on praising her for her presence of mind and bravery. That man (or should I call him bastard) ran away after begging forgiveness for his barbaric act. Do not you
think that this episode shows the caring and protective side of Jenny.

This in a way also proves that they have an active sixth sense and can distinguish between the good people and bad people. She always takes care of the kids who are familiar to her and had never tried to harm them in any way. She is so cute, best dog and a dear family
member. She is also a “RAT, COCKROCH Killer “thanks to her, we never ever have
to use any mouse trap. She also has never let any CAT come inside our home.

She hates to take bath but she loves to play with balls and to sleep on my bed. Every morning , We go for a morning walk and she always patiently waits for me on the main gate and when I leash her, her face  Glows with happiness but she also gets sad sometimes,
and  Most of  the times it happens,  when I am ill and not able
to take her out for a morning walk. Then, she comes near me, lick me to show
her love but never forces me to go out for our morning ritual, she loves me
unconditionally and I love her too, she is my most cherished gift.



I have already told you about the basic features and now

I am going to elaborate it:

·        GSD’s are very protective for their family, they just know their owner & family member’s (so beware strangers) .

·        They are very brainy and have the ability to judge between Good & Bad, that’s why; they are the best guard dogs.

·        They are not harmful for newborns or for kids for that matter. {My Personal Experience, Haven’t I mentioned a line about my niece??}

·        They are aggressive by nature but not harmful.

·        You can’t fight in front of GSD’s they hate family fights, at that point of time they will act like parents. They don’t like to live alone too so make sure never to do that with



They will not only pamper you but will also give you oodles of love, SO, Depression and Stress will not dare to come to you.


So please don’t judge them by their fierce nature and I can vouch for it