FDI= “F”oreign “D”acoit “I”ndustry

Why we need FDI?


Our corrupt government is very dedicated to FDI they really need FDI but why??

Do we really need FDI?

Government Says FDI will Bring Revenue for this Country …

Ok! FDI will bring revenue but what about the earning of FDI? They will earn more than they invest. Because they are not opening any NGO they want to be here only for business.

So it is simply loss of our currency. In current scenario 1 Dollar = 52 Rupees after FDI it can increase to 80 or 90 rupees. Because they want to earn Dollar & Pounds.


Government Says FDI is Best option for Farmers …

Why we need FDI or Wall-Mart to support our farmers. Is our Government is not capable to help our Farmers?

Is our Government can’t open a retail chain a Indian retail chain to help our farmers which can keep our Rupee in trade not dollar?

Or Government doesn’t have any time because they are busy in Scams & more & more Scams?


Do FDI really help farmers?

     Farmers are committing suicides every year what government is doing for them? Nothing.

     10 year ago India was Agriculture Prime Country, but now farmers are selling their land to builders because they found profit in selling not in agriculture.

     No more agricultural land left in India and according to current scenario, if farmers continues selling their lands then from whom Wall-Mart will purchase products.


What Wall-Mart will serve you?

Agricultural land is decreasing so from where Wall Mart will purchase all food items? at that time they will serve GM Genetically Modified food a harmful un-healthy food. Like they are experimenting their medicines on Bhopal GAS tragedy affected peoples.

We are like LAB RAT FOR THEM.

Wall Mart is not supported by native peoples. Lots of peoples of different countries
put allegation on Wall Mart, they are not supporting farmers and they are
killing local retailers.

but still our corrupt government is supporting them.

Government is not supporting our farmers but they are supporting Foreign Investments.


We don’t need any FDI if our Corrupt Govt don’t want to work they can leave our India but we don’t need any Dacoit Industry. FDI is another EAST INDIA COMPANY which can destroy our ECONOMY & RUPEE VALUE. FDI will over taker our Heritage Industry and sell us our own products with their label

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